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Zemen Monastery - Maria Hristova-Trifonova

Maria Hristova-Trifonova книги Zemen Monastery Epub ще бъде достъпен за вас, когато се регистрирате на нашия уебсайт

ДАТА: 2003
РАЗМЕР: 8,74
АВТОР: Maria Hristova-Trifonova


...kilometre away from the town of Zemen, Pernik Province in western Bulgaria ... Zemen Monastery | Zemen Monastery, Bulgaria Zemen ... ... .. The monastery was established in the 11th century. It is rather small with a church, belfry and two other buildings. It is currently uninhabited. The Zemen monastery, named St John the Theologian, is situated just outside the town of Zemen, about 15km down off the main road from Sofia to the town of Kyustendil and the border checkpoint of Gyeshevo. It is located in a beautiful area in the skirts of the Konyavska mountai ... Zemen Monastery - Wikipedia ... . It is located in a beautiful area in the skirts of the Konyavska mountain, not far away from the Zemen defile in the valley of the Struma river. The Zemen Monastery "Saint John the Evangelist" is located 1.5 km from the city of Zemen and 70 km southwest of Sofia. At first, it was thought the monastery was built between the 9th and 10th centuries, but when earlier frescoes and other decorative elements were discovered during excavations, archeologists realized it had been founded sometime during The First Bulgarian Empire (681 ... Dryanovo monastery " St Archangel Mi...