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Rehabilitation and Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships On Security in Post-Conflict Situations - Пламен Пантев, Велко Анастасов

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ДАТА: 2010
РАЗМЕР: 7,38
ISBN: 9789540730431
АВТОР: Пламен Пантев, Велко Анастасов


The case of Afghanistan and the consequences for the European Union

...le industrial development (ISID) mandate, with a special focus on economic recovery in post-crisis situations ... PDF Конспект за изпит ... . The empowerment of communities in countries and regions emerging from crisis situations is addressed through UNIDO ... Post-Conflict Rehabilitation: the Humanitarian Dimension 1.0 Introduction The humanitarian dimension of rehabilitation refers to a wide range of activities, from social work to monitoring human rights. These efforts seek to reintegrate lives and livelihoods in the circumstances of transition from conflict to ... Rehabilitation and multi-stakeholder partnerships on ... ... . These efforts seek to reintegrate lives and livelihoods in the circumstances of transition from conflict to relative peace. This paper Security Council discusses role of business in conflict prevention, peacekeeping, post-conflict peace-building 'Economic Dimensions of Armed Conflict Are Often Overlooked, Rehabilitation can occur when security situations remain acutely problematic. As demonstrated in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, non-belligerent conditions are reversible, and as a UN official has said of Bosnia: 'this is like a video where the pause button has been pressed; the tape hasn't finished'.[30] Multi-Stakeholder Engagement in Rehabilitation 147 Figure 3: Three-pronged approach to rehabilitating and sustaining the change.9 The influence of state and non-state actors within the rehabilitation, rein-tegration and aftercare phases may vary based on the aims and objectives of the programme. A comprehensive evaluation of needs and their prioritization for post-conflict rehabilitation have to be undertaken in the field by all involved agencies. Meetings in New York or Geneva serve little purpose to this end. Approaches to post-conflict rehabilitation. I believe a new approach to post-conflict rehabilitation entails several aspects: so in post-conflict situations. As the title of this document suggests, such efforts require teamwork within the United Nations and the partnership of many others. The policy put forth here proposes a practical 'three track approach': stabilizing income generation and emergency employment; promoting employment opportunities at the local...