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MobiSystems OfficeSuite

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ДАТА: 2008
РАЗМЕР: 4,99


Word, Excel и Powerpoint на вашия смартфон или PDAМобилен офис пакет:* Пълнофункционална обработка на документи на Microsoft Ofiice* Текстови документи на Word* Електронни таблици на Excel* Презентации на PowerPointOfficeSuite е цялостен пакет за мобилни телефони с уникален набор от възможности, позволяващ реално редактиране и обмен на документи "в движение". Програмата е специално разработена да помага на потребителите на мобилни телефони да намират бързо желаната информация и без усилия да редактират и създават офис документи.

...d office app on Google Play •Delivers the most ... Accounts ... ... MobiSystems Drive 50GB分を利用でき、ファイルの保存・同期を自動的に行うので、手動によるバックアップの手間を省けます。 ... 主にAndroid用のOfficeSuiteを利用しています。 Fully compatible with Microsoft Office 365. Get OfficeSuite for 29.99 per year - create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files on Windows PC, Android and iOS. Download Free Trial. MobiSystems Drive gives you plenty of free storage for your work and personal files. Your documents are always available With MobiSystems Drive your files are accessible from any iOS, Android or Windows device through the File Commander or OfficeSuite apps. OfficeSuite Account. Logging into your OfficeSuite Account allows you to make the most of your OfficeSuite experience and take advantage of many perks such as free cloud storage for documents on MobiSystems Drive, as well as synchronizing of all your documents with OfficeSuite for Android. OfficeSuite is a cross-platform office suite application developed by MobiSystems. It has versions for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows (PC) and adds extensive PDF abilities to its compatibility with the most frequently used Microsoft Office file formats. The software has over 220 million downloads on Google Play and is among the top Android business applications. OfficeSuite ermöglicht das einfache Anzeigen, Bearbeiten und Erstellen von Word-, Excel- und PowerPoint-Dokumenten sowie die Durchführung erweiterter PDF-Vorg...